Future Card Buddyfight!! Burst Breakers (フューチャーカードバディファイト!! バースト・ブレイカーズ) is the fanfiction/comiga created by Zekons. It has brand-new features called Burst Break, the Card Type that allows to many female monsters and sometimes some male monsters to gained their temporary transformed state as a Impact. Interestingly, this comiga is serves as the Comiga-counterpart of Cardfight Vanguard IF and Kojuranger with some elements of Singular Rider S-ZT.


After his retirement of Hero of the All Worlds, Samuel Nakaoka and Shuka-Natsume are having married and give birth to their daughter, Tenki Nakaoka Joo and grown into a young girl. When Samuel Nakaoka was disappeared in unknown reasons, Tenki decide to take her own adventures despite her mother Shuka's warnings to find her father.



  • Tenki Nakaoka Joo - The hybrid daughter of Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Shuka-Natsume (who still reside with her reincarnated self, Natsume Amano) and main protagonist in the comiga. She is very cheerful, funny, but idiotic girl inherited with her father and her serious matters inherited with her mother. She is having trouble with bad people that they attempt to attack her friends and decide to punish them by transforming into her battle mode with Buddyfight. She played with her strength strategy with the ability called Lost Break. When she drew her Lost World card and Belost her flag into Lost World flag, her appearance is changed into Lost World battle mode.
  • Vegeta - He is the Saiyan prince and the protagonist in the comiga.

Supporting Characters

  • Shuka-Natsume - She is the mother of Tenki Nakaoka Joo and Samuel Nakaoka the Second's 11th wife.
  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second -


  • Shimaketsu Arigawa -


Burst Break Arc

  1. Tenki Nakaoka


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