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Future Card Buddyfight: Dystopian Duels is a fan-made series made by SOULARCHER20. It takes place in an alternate universe where Earth has become desolated, with new Buddyfight worlds forming in the process.

Plot Summary

In an alternate future, many years after the events of Buddyfight Ace, an experiment known as the Great Cataclysm goes haywire, levelling most of Earth's population as well as all the parallel worlds. Within the desolated Earth, the Great Cataclysm awakens an unknown power, creating new worlds in the process. Because of the increasing population of new monsters on Earth, players use their evolved Buddyfight cards to capture these new cards to add to their decks.

Now named as Battle World, Earth has become the hunting ground for new monsters, and Ground Fights have been made, with the winners taking any cards they like in the loser's possession. Now, Pietar Rodo, an orphan who survives within the Battle World, and his buddy, Gashor, must work together to survive the Battle World and restore it to Earth's former glory, recruiting new allies along the way. But their task is made difficult with the constant interference of CHORP (Creating Hospitable Organised Realistic Peace), an organisation who plans on ruling the Battle World for themselves.


Main Characters

  • Pietar Rodo
  • Hugo Nagazumi
    • Tyranical Emperor, Ultrarex
  • Mabushi Kurisutaru
    • Fusion Knight, Oculuxandrite
    • Sentinel Jewel, Athora

Supporting Characters

  • Deta Koder
  • Raiki Nagazumi
    • Phantom Knights, Soul Hand
  • Hope Bringa
    • McWither, The Withering Lord


  • Noan Chorpon