Future Card Buddyfight NX is a fan-made series made by Terry the Cat. NX takes place sometime between Future Card Buddyfight X and Future Card Buddyfight Ace. The series is designed to bridge the 23 year gap between the two seasons.

Plot Summary

Dan Shidou is a boy with no memory of his life. He wakes up one day at Harumi Middle School, and discovers the wonderful world of Buddyfight. By expanding his horizons and meeting a plethora of fellow Buddyfighters, Dan begins to slowly unravel the mysteries surrounding his past. This is a colorful story of Buddies who fight together to unlock their full potential.

Dan's Buddy monster, Illusion Dragon, Danzari, is rumored to possess the secret power known as "NX". The rumors reach the ear of one Ichirou Toyotomi, who has been conducting his own research into "NX". Through the overwhelming strength of his card gang, ABYSS, Ichirou begins taking over card shops in search of monsters who possess "NX", in the hopes of using their power to strengthen his own. It seems as if Dan and Ichirou are destined to meet, but can Dan and Danzari survive the brute force of Blaze Buster Dragon?

Main Characters

Buddyfight Club

Buddy Police


Supporting Characters

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