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Gamma Style Infinite Firewheels
γ式 卍火車
Gamma Style Infinite Fireworks.png
English Gamma Style Infinite Firewheels
Kanji γ式 卍火車
Kana ガンマしき まんじかしゃ
Romaji Gamma Shiki Manshikasha
World Spirit World (Second)
Card Type Skill
Attribute Enhance / Blade / Defense
[Requirement] [Equip an item with "Shul Shagana" in its name]
[Activate Cost] [Pay 1 Gauge and discard 1 card from hands]
[Act] This skill destroy the monster on the left and right are. If it is attacking the opponent, it deals 4 damages to the opponent.
[Counter] This can be used as defense skill, it will nullify an attack from your opponent.