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"Gatling Grappler" (ガトリンググラップラー Gatoringu gurappurā) is an attribute given to cards featuring boxers and wrestlers wielding pyrokinesis, its currently exclusive to Danger World.


Gatling Grapplers are all focused on high cost, high damage output, only focusing on critical power and defense. They have no power, which would kill a deck normally if they do not have an ability to go over the center. Gatling Grapplers instead either swing at the face of your opponent until they die, or if their opponent does have a center, punish them for having a center by boosting their entire field by the defense of the monster in their center. Their secondary focus is to control via direct combat. Your opponents monsters cannot attack you directly if you have a Size 3 Gatling Grappler on your field, the problem for them also is that the grappler has high defense as well as the ability to counterattack any opponent. Only items can attack you without problem.

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