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This world revolves around <<Tetra Diviner>> which are saints which use the keyword [Lux] to control the field. Lux, makes it where when a <<Tetra Diviner>> is attacked by a monster, the monster that is attacking gets returned to your opponent's hand and you gain life equal to your attacked monsters critical. Another attribute are the <<Machina Beast>>. They have the keyword [Desolate] which makes it where, when they attack a monster, you deal damage to your opponent for every <<Machina Beast>> on your field. Arc Genesis have the keyword [Arise] which, at the start of your turn, you can put a card from your drop zone in your hand and, most of their monsters are Size 3


Genesis World (flag)

Size 0s

Defense Sage, Churi

Green Tetra, Neu

Jewel Tetra, Ja

Peach Tetra, Koa

Powered Sage, Nul

Size 1s

Blue Sage, Samu

Brave Diviner, Lomon

Chronicle Beast, Cross

Fuchsia Scholar, Mayi

Moonformed Beast, Nolt

Scroll Diviner, Coral

Silver Diviner, Yu

Tetra Sage, Tear

Tetra Seer, Mist

Tetra Seer, Teri

Size 2s

Aero Tetra, Aer

Gale Machina, Abem

Genesis of Creation, Crata

Golden Tetra, Zu

Mach Beast, Amai

Quelling Machina, Qua

Radius Machina, Zero

Red Seer, Zemin

Sage of Genesis, Geni

Terra Machina, Gaia

Volt Machina, Ven

Warrior Tetra, Blade

White Sage, Hira

Wise Tetra, Gen

Size 3s

Arc Machina, Arex

Archsaint, Karoa

Azul Diviner, Yula

Dark Arc, Core -0-

Eternal Genesis, Equilibrium

Final Genesis Crowned Legacy King, Vortex ☆ Ten

Guardian of Tetra, Avalace

Light Saint, Antha

Machina Jailer, Gairol

Machina of the Retribution, Reed

Maelstrom Beast, Arcane

Saint of Genesis, Glory

Spectral Arc, Illusion -2-

Sphere Genesis, Form -IX-

Stellar Arc, Aurora -VI-

Strong Arc, Barrage -Seven-

Storyteller Genesis, Scribe -3-

Vertex Machina, Ender

Voltage Genesis, Bolt -4-

Vivid Arc, Glory -V-

Will Genesis, Feather -EIGHT-

White Arc, Jewel -1-


Charged Arc of Genesis

Cross Machina Transfer

Divine Change

Diviner Blow

Diviner Descend

Diviner Shield

Diviners Will

Dual Arc of Genesis

Embolden Voice

Genesis Charge

Genesis Hand

Genesis Knowledge

Genesis Stone

Linked Arc of Genesis

Lux Tetra

Machina Energize

Machina Limit

Machina Resolution

Machina Restoration

Machina Ward

Pendant of Saint

Quelling of Genesis

Readings of Tetra

Sage's Domination

Stella Wisdom

Tetra Blast

Tetra Board

Tetra Seal

Tetra Shell

Thoughts of Genesis

Veil of Sage


Divine Genesis Rod, Gamma

Genesis Bow, Archlight

Genesis Stave, Jenesi

Machina Sword, Expel

Sage Cloak, Tetra Robes

Scepter of Arc

Tetra Light Spear, Exodus


Equalized Legacy -- Genesis Barrage!

Impact Great Spell "Tetra Legacy"

Full Genesis Guidance "Future Light Read"

Machina Explosion Burst!

Impact Monsters

Equilibrium "Legend of Genesis"

Samu "Blue Genesis Burst"

Vortex ☆ Ten, "Indestructible Final King!"

Celebration Cards

4000th Light of the Future, Four Thousand