Glitter Glow World Flag


Aid Of Glitter

Alkaria Galisial

Astral Aura Peace

Astral Festival

Astral Shine Revival

Deal's a deal- glitter for glitter!

Eve Of Floral Revival

Fall Of Stars

Forever Dreams

Glitter Blaster Staff

Glitter Festival

Glitter Glow Full Up Bolt!

Glitter Glow Wings

Glitter Kingdom, Glowanca

Glitters Of The Crown Diamond unleashed shimmering greatness

Glow Holy River

Glow Festival

Glow Shine Heal

Great Phoenix Summon

Holy Defense, Glitter Armor

Holy Light Aura

Light Belief of a Glowing Salvation

Light Diamond Revival

Luna Glitter Sight

Light Lightning Glitter Black Hole

Light Shine Defense

Magical River

Midnight Diamond River

Mist Glitter River

Princess Attack!

Salvation Password

Save me!!! Princess!!

Secret book of ancient Glitter Sages

Shine Heart Light

Shine Moon Slash

Shine Star View

Shine Twilight River

Shining Phoenix Summon

Solar Glitter Sight

Star Glow Revival

Stellar Star Glow

Spring Of Floral!

Sun Burst Light

Summer Of Shine!

Twinkle Twin Stars

Winter Of Glitter!



Miracle Staff, Omni

Wand Of Galaxy Glitter, Galatic

Glitter Glow Bow

Glitter Glow Diamond

Blazing Light Sword, Areyouni

Light Shine Blade

Star Glitter Wand

Triple Glitter Rings


End of the blossom sky NEW GLITTER!

Glitter Glow Star Shine

Light Glow Shining Glitter, Elite Blaze!

Moon Glitter Burst, Galaxy Spark

Red Star Blaze, Meteor Of Light

Twinkle Burst, Eternal Glitter!

Size 0

Angel Harp Neleia

Glow Light Sphere, Golden Shield

Grand Celestial Phoenix, Solar Million

Ice Phoenix, Blizzard Rebirth

July's End Frog

July's End Time For Glitter Rainbow

Rainbow Phoenix, Color Rebirth

Salvation priest, Light

Star Phoenix, Galaxy Rebirth

Wind Phoenix, Gale Rebirth

Young kid of salvation

Size 1

Diamond Phoenix, Shiny Rebirth

Dream Wave, Glitter Rainbow

Glitter Mage, Luke

Glow Diamond Rainbow

Glow Moon Princess

Holy Glitter Angel, Fanrisa

Light Glitter Nova

Lightning Phoenix, Shock Rebirth

Shine Miracle Light Wizard, Kyla

Tiny Baby Rainbow

Size 2

Augusts Start, Mid Summer Salvation teen

Chicken Sage of glitter beams

Elite Diamond Rainbow

Fire Phoenix, Glowing Rebirth

Glitter Star Princess

Glow Shine Priest

Light Phoenix, Glitter Rebirth

Magic Phoenix, Spell Rebirth

Princess Of The Glitter Sword, Glowa

Shine Glow Temple

Size 3

Heaven Seeker, Mia

Grand Crown, Neleis

Light Crescent Princess

Light Shine Crescent Night Time Rainbow

Like 45 Thousand Lights, Great Phoenix

Salvation Priestess

Shine Glow Rainobow

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