Glitter Particle
グリッター パーディクル
Glitter Particle
English Glitter Particle
Kana グリッター パーディクル
Romaji Gurittā Pādeikuru
World Spirit World (Second)
Card Type Impact Skill
Attribute Darkness / Light / Demon Slay / Destruction

My radiance is not to be foul!


[Requirement] [Equip "Dark Jewel"] [Activate Cost] [Pay 4 Gauge and discard one card] You can only activate this ability and use one of the following abilities only if you don't have a monster in your center.

  • Deals 7 damages to your opponent!!
  • [Counter] "Counter Final!!" During your opponent's final phase, you may use this ability when your opponent casts an impact. Deal 5 damages to your opponent!!
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