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Great Dragon God of Oblivion War, Kurogane
English Great Dragon God of Oblivion War, Kurogane
World War Dragon World
Card Type Monster
Size 4
Power / Critical / Defense 20000 / 4 / 10000
Attribute Dragon Deity/Iron Dragon
"War exists because those who proves the rights shall be put to the tests and those who fail to survive shall be extinct"

"Azi Dahaka, you said before You want to face the strongest, Well here I am! Face me!!"

[Call Cost] [Pay 4 gauge, deal 1 damage to your lifepoints, choose 5 “Dragons” from your dropzone and place them into this card’s soul.]

Choose 5 cards from this soul and put them into the dropzone, destroy all of your opponent's monsters and this monsters loses "One Attack". (This skill cannot be nullified)

(This card cannot be destroyed by any "Anti-Dragon" type skills).
[Triple Attack]/[Penetrate]/[Soulguard]/[Lifelink 5]