Great White Knight Devistator, Shiro Yashka
Great White Knight Devistator, Shirori Yashka English Great White Knight Devistator, Shiro Yashka
World New United Angels
Card Type Impact Item
Power / Critical / Defense 21000 / 5 / 10000
Attribute United Angels / Samurai

"I fell like I can do anything"

BR: "I must united to fight mine and your enemies!"


[Equip Cost] Remove from play "Greater Gintoki, White Yashka".

This Card cannot be destroyed by card effects, nor removed, nor returned to hand by any card effects.

Whenever you attack put all cards (except this one) on field into this cards soul. At any time if 5 or more cards would be in this soul you win the game.

Card effects of this card cannot be negated.

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