Greater Gintoki, White Yashka
Greater Gintoki, White Yashka
English Greater Gintoki, White Yashka
World New United Angels
Card Type Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 15000 / 6 / 10000
Attribute United Angels / Greater Samurai

"This might be my last battle."

BR: "Like hell I will die now!"


[Call Cost] Pay 3 gauge and put this on top of a card with "Gintoki" in it card name on the field.

"Four True Samurai" If you have 4 cards on field with "Samurai" this card Cannot be destroyed nor return to hand by card effects.

If a card with "Shinoa" is on field She gains the ability to (sacrifice) [Next time damage would be dealt, reduce it by 4.]

[OverDecimate] Discard 1 card in pay 2 gauge. This card gains the ability [Triple Attack] and if any attacks are negated or reduced you gain life equal to this card's critical.

Card effects from this card cannot be negated.

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