Guild Master, Strohl Fang
[[File:|200px]] English Guild Master, Strohl Fang
World Dungeon World
Card Type Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 6000 / 2 / 4000
Attribute Adventurer / Soldier / Team GM

"Get over here, you runts! There's work to be done!"


[Call Cost] Pay 2 Gauge
When this card enters the field, if you have 2 or more "Mission" Spell cards with different names on your field or Drop Zone, you may discard 1 <Adventurer> from your hand. If you do, draw 2 cards.
"Raid Time" [Act] Reveal an <Adventurer> from your hand and call it by paying its [Call Cost]. During this turn, its size is reduced by 1, and when it Link Attacks with another <Adventurer>, it gains [Penetrate] and at the end of that battle, you may return it to your hand. You may only activate "Raid Time" once per turn.

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