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Hadron Collision
English Hadron Collision
World Star Dragon World
Card Type Spell
Attribute Destruction / Summon
You may only cast this card if there are at least 3 monsters on the field, and your Life is 6 or less.

[Cast Cost] Pay 2 Gauge & Pay 2 Life.
Destroy all monsters on the field, then look at the top 6 cards of your deck, choose up to 1 <Core Dragon> among them and call it by paying its [Call Cost] and if you do, choose up to 1 <Dragonarms> among them and put it in the Soul of the monster you called. Send the remaining cards to the Drop Zone.
[Core Set] x [Core React] (when a size 3 monster is placed on your opponent's field): Cast this card by paying its [Cast Cost], ignoring its condition.