Halberd, Tsugumi
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English Halberd, Tsugumi
World Fantasy World
Card Type Weapon
Size 0
Power / Critical / Defense 2000 / 1 / 2000
Attribute DWMA Student

"I'm a weapon with two meisters. First time for everything, am I right?"


"Demon Weapon" This card may not be called. "Soul Resonance" If Drunk Boxer, Meme or Royal Princess, Anya is on the field, you may put this card from your hand into that card's soul. If you do, add this card's power, defense and critical to that card's stats.
"Duel Resonance" If this card is in the soul of Drunk Boxer, Meme or Royal Princess, Anya, you may move this card to Drunk Boxer, Meme or Royal Princess, Anya's soul. This ability may only be used once per turn. (Meaning that both cards can have this card's stats added to them.)

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