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The Blitz Wing Battalion is a new squad of large mechanical birds of unknown origins who now safeguards the skies of Hero World with near-perfect efficiency. Unlike the Brave Machines & Heroes, the Blitz Wings are often described as an military force rather than heroes of justice. However, some disagreed & argued that despite they operate very similar to a military, they have outdone every hero in Hero World in terms of response speed to threats, minimal casualties & collateral damage caused, & most damage -and trauma- dealt to the opposing force.

Some even said that should you ended up as a part of criminal force; big or small; you should be wary of the Blitz Wings because you might ended up being sweep away in a jet turbulence & never be heard again... ever...


The Blitz Wing's playstyle are a splitting image from Cardfight Vanguard's Aqua Force, as utilize the number of attacks during your turn to gain bonuses & decimate your opponent. However, in exchange of this bonus, their monster are usually fragile speedsters, having low stats in exchange of effects that allow them to rack up their number of attacks.

In addition, The Blitz Wing ace cards are also mostly X-Cell Monsters & most of Blitz Wing deck's strategies & survivability in a match all depends on them. They are also the most advantageous during early game where they can rack the most attack numbers & completely overwhelm their opponent while during late game, not so much.

Notable User

  • Wayne Ryder




Normal Monsters

Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

X-Cell Monsters

Class 1

Class 2

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