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Hinako Akuta's Command Seals
English Hinako Akuta's Command Seals
World Legend World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical 0 / 0
Attribute Master / Servant
Author Jesteban360
You only equip this card if you have a <<Command Seals>> without a soul equipped.
[Equip Cost] [Put this card over a <<Master>> item and put three cards of your drop zone into this card's soul]
[Counter]Act】 Put a card from the soul of this card into your drop zone. If you do, choose and use one of the following three abilities. This ability only can use once per turn.
● Choose all the monsters on your field and put a card from the drop zone into the soul of the chosen cards.
● During this turn, the abilities of your <<Servant>> cannot be nullifed.
● Choose a <<Servant>> monster in your field, during that turn it gets Power +5000, Defense +5000, [Penetrate] or [Counterattack].
At the start of your main phase if this card don't have souls, search one "Long-living Assassin, Yu Meiren" from your hand or deck and [Transform] by paying its cost, if you searched your deck, shuffle it.