BF-HB01: Heiress Rise

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"Heiress Rise" is the 1st Heavengift Booster.


● Support for four words!
● You can update your Tyrant and Empyreal Corps with new and powerful cards
● Introduce a new attribute to Dragon World and Katana World, also you can make a deck in this booster.


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Card List

Confirmed cards

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
BF-HB01/0001 RRR
BF-HB01/0002 RRR
BF-HB01/0003 RRR
BF-HB01/0004 RRR
BF-HB01/0005 RRR
BF-HB01/0006 RRR
BF-HB01/0007 RRR
BF-HB01/0008 RRR
BF-HB01/0009 RRR
BF-HB01/0010 RRR
BF-HB01/0011 RRR
BF-HB01/0012 RRR
BF-HB01/0013 RRR
BF-HB01/0014 RRR
BF-HB01/0015 RRR
BF-HB01/0016 RRR
BF-HB01/0017 RRR
BF-HB01/0018 RRR
BF-HB01/0019 RRR
BF-HB01/0020 RRR
BF-HB01/0021 RRR
BF-HB01/0022 RRR
BF-HB01/0023 RRR
BF-HB01/0024 RRR
BF-HB01/0025 RRR
BF-HB01/0026 RRR
BF-HB01/0027 RRR
BF-HB01/0028 RRR
BF-HB01/0029 RRR
BF-HB01/0030 RRR
BF-HB01/0031 RRR
BF-HB01/0032 RRR
BF-HB01/0033 RRR
BF-HB01/0034 RRR
BF-HB01/0035 RRR
BF-HB01/0036 RRR
BF-HB01/0037 RRR
BF-HB01/0038 RRR
BF-HB01/0039 RRR
BF-HB01/0040 RRR
BF-HB01/0041 RRR
BF-HB01/0042 RRR
BF-HB01/0043 RRR
BF-HB01/0044 RRR
BF-HB01/0045 RRR
BF-HB01/0046 RRR
BF-HB01/0047 RRR
BF-HB01/0048 RRR
BF-HB01/0049 RRR
BF-HB01/0050 RRR
BF-HB01/0051 RRR
BF-HB01/0052 RRR
BF-HB01/0053 RRR
BF-HB01/0054 RRR
BF-HB01/0055 RRR
BF-HB01/0056 RRR
BF-HB01/0057 RRR
BF-HB01/0058 RRR
BF-HB01/0059 RRR
BF-HB01/0060 RRR
BF-HB01/0061 RRR
BF-HB01/0062 RRR
BF-HB01/0063 RRR
BF-HB01/0064 RRR
BF-HB01/0065 RRR
BF-HB01/S001 Seraph Combat Dragon, Gavriel Monster Legend World BR
BF-HB01/S002 BR
BF-HB01/S003 BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monster Flag Total
Dragon World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Danger World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Katana World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Legend World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
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