This World is based on 2 main Attributes. Called Hope Makers, And Dream Followers. Dream Followers have alot of abilities but are not easy to do. While Hope Makers are the ones that try to bring you hope in battle even though they might have to sacrifice them to help you in the game.

Now they have Neo Hope Makers, Dream Kings, Hope Lords and Dream Waves. They have Dream Slashers now.


Hope And Dream World Flag


Appear DreaMSlasher

Break through a great evil!

Change that future!

Divine Blaze

Dream Crowns

Dream Defense

Dream Gauge Accelerate

Divine Hope

Dream Item Explosion

Divine Light

Dream Castle, Celestial Hope

Dream Galaxy, Hope Universe

Dream Head Off

Dream Save

Dream Zone

Dream Shield

Endless Goals

Future Blizzard

Future Boost

Future Earth Quake

Future Fire

Future Healing

Future Lightning

Future Protection

Future Tidal Wave

Future Tundra

Giving hope is what I do best!

Great Encourage

Hegasagi Dream Choice

Hope Lord Summoning

Hope Shield

Lights Of Pure Dreams

Phrase "Even I weep after that"

Neon Counterattack!

Neon Hope Restore

Neon Strength

Rare Opportunity DreaMSUPRISe

Wish on that fluttering planet


Dream Darkness Blade, Dream Shadow Sword

Dream Valley Blade, Dream Flower Sword

Dream Gale Blade, Dream Wind Sword

Dream Heaven Blade, Dream Light Sword

Dream Inferno Blade, Dream Fire Sword

Dream Wave Blade, Dream Water Sword

Dream Weapon, 1/10

Dream Weapon, 2/10

Dream Weapon, 3/10

Dream Weapon, 4/10

Neon Hope Blade, Neon Blaze

Neon Hope Blade, Neon Lightning

Size 0 Dream Followers

Dream Follower, 9

Dream Follower, 10

Dream Follower, 11

Dream Follower, 19

Dream Follower, 20

Size 1 Dream Followers

Dream Follower, 2

Dream Follower, 4

Dream Follower, 5

Dream Follower, 6

Dream Follower, 14

Dream Follower, 18

Dream Follower, 23

Size 2 Dream Followers

Dream Follower, 1

Dream Follower, 3

Dream Follower, 7

Dream Follower, 8

Dream Follower, 12

Dream Follower, 15

Dream Follower, 17

Forever Waves Dream Follower, 25 The Tidal Wave Master

Size 3s Dream Followers

Dream Follower, 13

Dream Follower, 16

Dream Follower, 21

Eternal Flowers Dream Follower, 24 The Supreme Master Of Dreams

The Final Ultimate Hero Dream Zone Leader, Dream Follower 26 The Heroic Dream Completer Of Light


Dream Wave Blast!

Eve Of The Chosen

Exact Pure Winning, Dream Winning Image Finisher


Finale! Dream Edge Burst Slash!

Hegasagi Burst Cry

Hope For Victory

Neon Lightning Bolt!

Radiant Faith ,Dream Accomplish!

Supreme Dream Clasher!

Size 0 Hope Makers

Hope Maker, K

Hope Maker, V

Size 1 Hope Makers

Hope Maker, B

Hope Maker, D

Hope Maker, E

Hope Maker, F

Hope Maker, H

Hope Maker, J

Hope Maker, N

Hope Maker, O

Hope Maker, V

Hope Maker, X

Hope Maker, Y

Size 2 Hope Makers

Alphabet Guardian Hope Maker, Z

Hope Maker, A

Hope Maker, C

Hope Maker, G

Hope Maker, I

Hope Maker, L

Hope Maker, P

Hope Maker, S

Hope Maker, U

Hope Maker, W

Size 3 Hope Makers

Hoper Maker, M

Hope Maker, Q

Hope Maker, R

Size 1 Neo Hope Makers

Neo Hope Maker, Eon

Neo Hope Maker, Leon

Neo Hope Maker, Neon

Neo Hope Maker, Ryan

Neo Hope Maker, Vortex

Size 2 Neo Hope Makers

Neo Hope Maker, Brandon

Neo Hope Maker, Maxwell

Neo Hope Maker, Melissa

Size 3 Neo Hope Makers

Size 0 Neo Hope Makers

Size 1 Dream Waves

Dreamwave, Sunlight

Size 2 Dream Waves

Dream Wave, Rainbow

Dreamwave, Starlight

Size 3 Dream Waves

Dreamwave, Moonlight

Size 0 Dream Waves

Size 1 Dream Kings

Hope Lord, Dream King

Size 2 Dream Kings

Size 3 Dream Kings

Dream King, Dream Focus

Size 0 Dream Kings

Size 1 Hope Lords

Hope Lord, Dream King

Hope Lord, Hope Dark

Hope Lord, Hope Light

Size 2 Hope Lords

Size 3 Hope Lords

Size 0 Hope Lords

Size 1 Dream Slashers

Dream Slash Mage

Forever Dream Slasher

Healing Dream Warrior


Hegasagi, "Energy Burst"

Superior Dream Swordsman

Size 2 Dream Slashers

Dream Frontier, Hope Marshal

Glowing Dream Blader

Hegasagi, "Life Forever Stellar"

Size 3 Dream Slashers

Dream Warrior Of Light, Miss. LightDream


Hegasagi, "Lights"

Hegasagi, "Starlights"

Leader of Dream Slasher, Sir. Dreams

Size 0 Dream Slashers

Dream Knight Of Eternity

Dream Slasher Scout, Raymond

Hegasagi, "Great Decider"

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