“I am a Star Dragon Guardian. I am a soldier. I should follow my orders, unquestioning. Any punishment given to me for doing otherwise, I shall take quietly, for I know that I have gained it by my own choice of action.” BY:Hoshiko Seikai

Hoshiko Sekai

Vital statistics:
Japanese name (kanji): 星子 世界
Japanese name (kana): ほしこ せかい
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: August 25

Other attributes:

Affiliation: Sekai Family Star Dragon Guardians
World user: Star Dragon World
Buddy: Dragonarms, Elgarcannon
Items: Decks Star Dragon Guardian Badge

Minor attributes:

Relations: Sekai Family(Famliy) Dragonarms, Elgarcannon(Buddy and friend) Izayoi Otonashi (Rival?)
Friends: Seikai Famliy Dragonarms, Elgarcannon
Other names: Guardian Flunkie Dropout Star Dragon Cadet/Cadet Hoshi

Hoshiko Sekai is one of the characters of Future Card Buddyfight: DREAMERS, created by Dreamer, she is an human that comes from Hero world, but somehow she haves an way to contact to know the start guardians of the Star Dragon Worlds, she is the opposite of Izayoi, she is an hard-worker and took everything seriously, one of the many children in the Star Dragon Guardians, who made it by passing Dynamize’s training.


Hoshiko means "star child" (星子) Sekai means “the world” (世界), put them together the name means: 'The world's Star Child'


Hoshiko has shoulder-length silver hair that is usually tied in a bun at the back over her head with her bangs out, fair skin, fit and slightly muscular build, and large, deep blue eyes that usually doesn’t show emotion while her composure is set. On her back, she has a series of scars.


Hoshiko is determined, hard-working, curious, eager to learn, a fast learner, and good at following orders in a normal situation. She usually is good at keeping a cool head, but can get flustered and reckless when she is pressured.


  • Quick Learning : She learn things very fast
  • Combat-Skill : Due to be an Guardian, she have very good combat skill with weapons and hand.
  • Order Following : She Usually follows the order of others
  • reflexes and instincts : She have an good reflexes and instincts, she use it to pass many situation


  • Hoshiko’s horoscope is Virgo.
  • She likes to take long walks at night and to relax with her buddy after a hard day’s work or training.
  • Her favorite earth food is apples, mostly because of their cheapness and their easiness to eat and discard remains of.
  • Her parents were both superheroes who protected a district in Hero World, but seeing as they both had powers, she didn’t get any from the possible power-cancelling factor of the 2 super-powered genes colliding and canceling each other out.
  • When she entered the SDG, she was assigned to be the Buddy of Elgarcannon, but they soon became more casual friends rather than just co-workers or trainer and trainee. (In fact, it was hard to stay that way because they were roughly the same age.)
  • Hoshiko and Elgarcannon often go snooping around together to find something out that they’re not supposed to or not allowed to know that they, obviously, want to know, and they have gotten very good at it.
  • Hoshiko sneezes like a kitten, something she is sometimes embarrassed about, and most often than not, playfully teased by Elgarcannon for it.
  • She is, when the time comes, a hopeless romantic who can’t help but be flustered by suave moves and, as the stereotypical thing that most girls are attracted to, a toned, fit and revealed male body.
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