Welcome to Gallatin Explains. This is where you sit down and shut up while I cram information into your skull. Any questions will be answered at the end of this tutorial. Any questions? ... Get out, Billy.

Don't do this. Make sure that check mark isn't there.

STEP ONE. Open up Notepad. Yep. Make sure Word Wrap is turned off. Word Wrap creates errors when the file is being read on Ota's Sim.

STEP TWO. Card_quantity|card_type|name|skill|power|crit|defense|size That's your template. I suggest c&ping (copying and pasting) that template at least 5 or 6 times into your notepad as you're building your deck. That way you'll know how many cards you're using. Try to make your first two cards your Flag and Buddy. For Card Type, use this:

m = monster

s = spell

i = impact

e = item (equip)

b = buddy

f = flag

For example, I want to use 4 copies of a monster.


Breaking it down.

4|m|This Is A Monster|[Act] This is my monster's skill.|5000|2|4000|2

Every time you do this, put a + at the end if you're making a new card afterwards. DO NOT put a + if this is the last card in your deck.

4|m|This Is A Monster|[Act] This is my monster's skill.|5000|2|4000|2+

3|s|This Is A Spell|[Counter] This is my spell's effect.|0|0|0|0+

2|i|This Is An Impact|This is my impact's effect.|0|0|0|0+

1|f|This Is A Flag|This is my flag's text.|0|0|0|0

Make sure your deck is 52 cards including Buddy and Flag.

STEP THREE. After you have built your deck, save your file and name it just the world's name. If you're using Fission World, for example, the file's name has to be fission.txt.

STEP FOUR. The good part. http://buddyfightsim.myseeyou.com/start.php Login in here. This is the link to Otakon's Sim. This is not the Special Mode, but you need to login before you can proceed.


STEP FIVE. Once you've logged in, http://buddyfightsim.myseeyou.com/special.php use this link. You'll see this:

Click on 'Choose file' and go to where your deck file is. In this case, I'm going to search for fission.txt


After you have selected your .txt you click 'Open' or whatever variant of that is being displayed on your screen. Afterwards, click the

Load button on the Special screen. You will see a Loading screen. It will be there for about a minute or two. After that, you should see the cards in your hand. Bam! You're ready to play! Grab an opponent and SHOW THEM NO MERCY. When you're trying to view your cards, scroll over them and the information of the card will pop up.


And that's it. That's the end of the class. Billy, you can come back in now. Any questions?

QUICK START DECK: Special Trial Deck 1: Unlimited Bomber

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zctyycoyn8pkhja/fission.txt?dl=0

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