"Hundred Lord" (百の王 Hyaku no ō) is an attribute. All cards within this attribute have a gold "主" within a circle at the top right corner of their artworks. All worlds have Hundred Lords monsters, with Lost World possessing only 1.

They are used by Raijin Fuchigami, and before him were used on various occasions by Ikazuchi, or Bolt Fuchigami.


Hundred Lords play similarly to Hundred Demons in the fact they play a Yamigedo monster on the field and apply pressure with "Thunder Mine" to punish their opponent with damage. However, Hundred Lords are different in the fact they like to use effects to stack the souls of certain cards that can use Thunder Mines from the cards in their soul, as well as giving more attention to the left and right, making them more noteworthy threats.

The biggest difference comes in the use of Omni Lord cards, which often can call themselves or have effects to support Yamigedo and the fighter. These Omni Lord cards are also still usable as regular support for other decks.

Sets containing Hundred Lords cards

List of Hundred Lords cards

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