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Hysteric Thunder
English Hysteric Thunder
Kanji ヒステリック雷鳴
Kana ヒステリックサンダー
Romaji Hisuterikku Raimei
World Zephyr World
Card Type Spell
Attribute Wind / Summon
Wild and Unruly, this is a storm's true form.
You may only cast this card if your opponent has no monsters on his or her field.
[Cast Cost] [Pay 2 Life]
[Counter] Your opponent calls monster from his or her hand without paying its [Call Cost] to his or her left or right area, and for this turn, that monster becomes a size 3 and cannot be destroyed or returned to the hand. If your opponent cannot call a monster, place the top three cards of your deck in your gauge. You may only cast "Hysteric Thunder" once per turn.