Iblis, "Screaming Void End!"
イブリース “スクリーミング・ボイドエンド!”
English Iblis, "Screaming Void End!"
Kana イブリース “スクリーミング・ボイドエンド!”
Romaji Iburīsu “Sukurīmingu Boidoendo!”
World Darkness Dragon World
Card Type Impact Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 10000 / 3 / 6000
Attribute Black Knight / Deep

The end draws near, scream in despair!


[Call Cost] [Pay 3 Gauge and destroy a <<Black Knight>> on your field] At the end of the battle of this card, you may put the top three cards of your deck into the drop zone. If you do, deal damage to your opponent equal to the amount of <<Black Knight>> from among them.

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