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Illusion Dragon, Danzari
幽幻竜 ダンザリ
English Illusion Dragon, Danzari
Kanji 幽幻竜 ダンザリ
Kana ゆうげんりゅう ダンザリ
Romaji Yūgenryū Danzari
World Magic World
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 10000 / 2 / 10000
Attribute Mystic Dragon
A little bit of sleep won't hurt you too much...
[Call Cost] [Place the top two cards of your deck and one card on your field into this card's soul.]
[Counter]Act】 "Illusion Dragon's Rage" Pay ten gauge, [Rest] all cards on your opponent's field, they cannot be called over until the end of the next turn, and this card gets Power+15000/Defense+10000 until end of turn.
[Double Attack] [Soulguard]