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Illusion Ritual, Danzari Storm
儀式(ぎしき)幽幻(ゆうげん) ダンザリ ストーム
English Illusion Ritual, Danzari Storm
Kanji 儀式の幽幻 ダンザリ ストーム
Kana ぎしきのゆうげん ダンザリ ストーム
Romaji Gishiki no Yūgen Danzari Sutōmu
World Magic World
Card Type Impact
Attribute Mystic Dragon
The ultimate medicine for your condition is to be put to sleep permanently.
You can only cast this card if there is a [Rest] card on your opponent's field.
[Call Cost] [Pay 5 gauge. This cost is reduced by 1 for each soul in your 《Mystic Dragon》on your center.]
Deal 5 damage to your opponent!! Increase this damage by 1 for each [Rest] card on your opponent's field. This card cannot be nullified, and its damage cannot be reduced.