Ingenious Bard, Cervantes
English Ingenious Bard, Cervantes
World Fairy Tale World
Card Type Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense 4000 / 1 / 3000
Attribute Fairy Saver
Author Jesteban360

"Si crees que no tienes salida, improvisa"


[Counter]Act】 "Pelear Contra Molinos" You can pay 1 gauge, if you do choose one card of your opponent's field and look the top seven cards of the top of your deck, you may reveal a card with the same type of the chosen card, if you do nullify its abilities and put the chosen card in the bottom of your opponent's deck. You only use "Pelear Contra Molinos" once per turn. (Your opponent cannot nullify this ability or use [Counter])

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