Insect World is a fan-made World for the TCG/OCG Future Card Buddyfight.


Insect World has two monster attributes it focuses on. Those are the <<Royal>> which are the queens and princesses of the insect colonies, and the <<Worker>> attribute which represent the rest of the colony from the warriors, gatherers, and colony builders.


Insect World's playstyle is based on having a full field and using abilities and spells so call your monsters from the deck and/or drop zone. Like Magic World the monsters of Insect World are usually weaker than those of most world, but some monsters can gain or give power and/or defense based on your field

The <<Worker>> attribute uses effects to add extra cards to your field, deck, or hand

The <<Royal>> attribute uses effects to boost stats and protect you and other cards

Card Boarder:

The boarder for Insect World is a brown boarder with a spider web in the bottom left and right corner and ants climbing up the left edge


The flag for Insect World is a yellow honey comb design on a maple leaf


A world long forgotten in the history of time. Many ages ago the world was inhabited by insects that were almost resembling those of Earth but as time passed by the left over energies from the other worlds spells seeped through the gap between worlds and began to enchant and enhance the beings. As they magically and hyper evolved they slowly began to study the other worlds in hope of understanding what their civilizations should try and mirror.

Unknown to them they soon were targeted by Darkness Dragon World who wished to use their armies to gather monsters to gather for the forces of the dark dragon. Without an understanding of right from wrong they began to swarm to the other worlds to gather information on who were the strongest fighters. Before being able to give the information away the royals had met with the great leaders of Dragon World who taught them the history of the Darkness Dragons thus causing them to break the alliance with the dark dragon. Now they watch their backs as they try to advance forward.


Crawling Fear


Sting-Thorn Whip

Stinger Knife


Gathering Pheromone

Healing Honey

Queen's Catacomb

Royal Orders

Silent Swarm

Spider Silk

Web Cathedral

Size 0:

Honored Worker, Yu-Don

Size 1:

Pollen Collector Zey

Silent Worker

Strike Force Soldier

Young Stinger

Size 2:

Magical Beetle

Princess Yuni-ko

Spider Hunter Size 3:

Queen of Insectopia

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