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Jackknife, "Ignite Punisher "
English Jackknife, "Ignite Punisher!!"
World Dragon World
Card Type Impact Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 15000 / 0 / 5000
Attribute Armordragon / Green Dragon
The "Ignite Blade" fused with the "Punisher" sword... this form is truly the ultimate battle variant, meant to destroy everything that stands before it.
[Call Cost] Pay 3 Gauge & Put this card on top of a size 2 or higher monster with "Jackknife" in its card name & Put a card from your Drop Zone into this card's Soul.

This card gains +1 Critical for each card in its Soul with "Jackknife" in its card name. If this card's Critical is 3 or more, it gains [Penetrate]!
If this card's attack or [Penetrate] is nullified, or the damage from this card's attack or [Penetrate] is reduced, you may put 2 cards from this card's Soul to the Drop Zone. If you do, [Stand] this card! This ability only activates once per turn.