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King of the Underworld, Artorias the End
Artorias(Buddyfight) - Copy.jpg
English King of the Underworld, Artorias the End
World Phantom World
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 18000 / 4 / 7000
Attribute Underworld/Frozen Souls
"Whoever shall fall into the Underworld,

Shall fall into this monster's sword."

[Call Cost] [Pay 4 gauge, deal 1 damage to your lifepoints, choose 3 or more monsters that has used "Exorcise" and put it into this monster's soul.]

When this card enters the field, this card's can only be attacked by a Size 3 Monster (all Size 2 or lower and Link Attacks are nullified).
[Triple Attack]/[Penetrate]/[Soulguard]/[Lifelink 5]