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This particular Olympus focuses on high-risk, high-reward beatdown strategies. In exchange of a very risky set up & deck balance, you will be rewarded with the "godly" presence of your X-Cell Monsters on the field, whose abilities will allow you to pressure your opponent to no end.

However, your X-Cell Monster are also themselves a high-risk, high-reward unit as they all have Lifelinks but no Soulguard & most of your spells required them to be in your center. Some Spells will also help you keep you "gods" on the field but in exchange, it will increase their Lifelink.

Notable User

  • Baku Omori (Buddyfight: ES)
  • Kuguru Uki (Buddyfight: ES)




Normal Monsters

Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

X-Cell Monsters

Class 2

Class 3