Legion Knights, Soul Barrier Dragon

Legion Soul Dragon, Soul Barrier Dragon
English Legion Soul Dragon, Soul Barrier Dragon
World Legion World
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 8000 / 2 / 8000
Attribute Legion Ally / Legion Dragon

[Call Cost] [Pay 3 gauge] "Soul Barrier" You take no damage as long as this card is on the field.

"Soul Connect" When this card link attacks with a 《Weapon》, you may put a "Legion Knights" monster from your drop zone into this card's soul.

[Counter] "Soul Blast" You may discard a soul from this card. If you do, destroy a size 2 or less monster on the field! You may only use this ability once per turn.

[Soulguard] (If this card would leave the field, you may discard one soul to prevent it.)

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