Legion World is based on monsters fighting together side by side. They rely on having allies to help them and protecting each other. As long as there is another ally to aid each other, they become more powerful than they are alone and able to face any of their challenges.


This world's playstyle revolves around swarming the field with allies and link attacking. Because of their great swarming abilities, they have great field advantage and never fall short in numbers. Their attacks are restricted by Dual Combat, which only allows the monsters to attack when it's a link attack. To gain advantage, their allies are often not easily destroyed and their link attacks are often not blockable.


  • Assault
  • Legion
  • Legion Ally
  • Legion Hero
  • Moon Blade
  • Night Blade
  • Switch
  • Weapon

List of Legion World cards


  • Legion World (card)




  • Legion Finisher, Starstream Blast


Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

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