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Lethal Spell, Arthur Formation
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English Lethal Spell, Arthur Formation
World Arthur World
Card Type Spell
Attribute Arthur
Now is the time to join our powers together! Arthur Formation!
[Cast Cost] Pay 3 gauge.

[Set] (This card remains on the field.)

When this card is set on the field, put two cards from the top of your deck into this card's soul. At the beginning of your turn, put a card from this card's soul into your drop zone. When the number of cards in this card's soul becomes 0, draw 2 cards and gain 1 life.

[Act]"Arthur Formation" When there are no cards in the soul of this card, destroy it. If you do, you may discard two cards from your hand. If you do, call up to three different <Arthur> units from the deck or drop zone and they get [Power]+3000 and [Critical]+1