There is 1 attribute Light Gliders. They help each other by boosting power and defense. Also search for items and spells.

Now they have Star Gliders cards that deal damage once they leave the field or get destroyed. (1-4 damage.)


Light Gliding World Flag

Size 1s

Light Glider, Cloud

Light Glider, Dante

Light Glider, Gale

Light Glider, Kayla

Light Glider, Leonora

Light Glider, Oceanus

Light Glider, Samuel

Light Glider, Sarah

Light Glider, Violet

Light Glider Warrior

Star Glider, Agez Stormz

Star Glider, Exploder Star

Star Glider, Zephyr Star

Size 2s

Light Glider, Carla

Light Glider, Drake

Light Glider, June

Light Glider Magician

Light Glider, Marina

Light Glider Medic

Light Glider Paladin

Light Glider, Samantha

Light Glider, Willow

Star Glider, Aeuli Minakesgi

Star Glider, Inex Ezrelm

Star Glider, Nova

Star Glider, Rainbow-EXTREME of Explosion-EXTREME

Star Glider, Shine Brave

Star Glider, Shine Storm

Star Glider, Status Reporter Of LightSpeed

Star Glider, Thousand Gun

Size 3s

Light Glider, Mia

Light Glider Leader, Edwin

Star Glider, Dance Of Star Glow

Star Glider, Rapid Glider

Star Glider, Roaring Star

Size 0s

Light Glider, Ava

Light Glider, Hannah

Light Glider, Melody

Light Glider, Sonja

Star Glider, Eternity Song Anthem


Aerial Temple, Fayiya

Aerial Temple, Hugino

Aerial Temple, Uniji

Bolt Evening Scorch

Cloud Heal

Cloud Scroll

Cloud Storm

Cloud Tornado

Destroying Cloud

DivinitYConcert, "Luna Suprised~"

Even The Stars Sing

Glowing Cloud Energy

Glowing Cloud Shield

Glow Slash Cloud

Light Cloud Shield

Light Power Strength

Light Protection Defense

Light Slash Cloud

Nightfalls Of Wonderfullness

Shine Of Light

Shining Cloud Shield

Shining Lightning Bolt

Shrine Of Glowing Gale

Sky Scroll

So the sun danced

Star Cloud Barrier

Stop That Spell Now!!

We Are Star Gliders~


Cloud Staff

Cloud Sword

Flying Sword, Aerial

Light Cloud Wings

Shining Light Bow


Light Hurricane Burst!

Whirlwind Of Light!

Ultimate Light Blaze!

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