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Little Skull Dragon, Varyx
ちょっとの髑髏竜 バリックス
English Little Skull Dragon, Varyx
Kanji ちょっとの髑髏竜 バリックス
Kana ちょっとのどくろりゅう バリックス
Romaji Chotto no Dokuroryū Barikkusu
World Darkness Dragon World
Card Type Monster
Size 0
Power / Critical / Defense 4000 / 1 / 2000
Attribute Undead / Abyss

Pillars of marble crumble under the despair of a baby's cry.


Act】 [Rest] this card, search your deck for one [Power]4000 monster not named "Little Skull Dragon, Varyx", call it on top of this card, and shuffle your deck. If you called, the called monster gets Power+4000 and [Soulguard].