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"Lost World" (ロストW(ワールド) Rosuto Wārudo) is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight themed around demonic creatures from another dimension. Lost World's card frame is formatted differently than other card frames to signify its otherworldly origins. The card backs are different as well, signifying that the cards do not belong with normal cards and cannot be put in the main deck.

This world serves as an antagonist deck in the anime utilized by Vile Ranma. In Future Card Buddyfight Ace Holy Chronicles, however, this world serves as an protagonist deck utilized by Lily K. Rockwell.

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Lost World is unique from other worlds in that a player wishing to use Lost World must begin the fight with a different flag and deck, and use the Lost World flag's "Belost" ability to change their flag into Lost World, resulting in the main deck being replaced by a 30-card "Lost Deck".

Once the "Lost Deck" is in play, Lost World users harness their terrifyingly powerful cards to overwhelm the opponent. In addition to being significantly more powerful than the average Buddyfight card, Lost World monsters do not have any size, bypassing the size restriction. Cards not from Lost World that remained when "Belost" was activated can still be used for the rest of the fight.

Lost Deck