MEGA Booster 01: Eternal Mayhem is the first MEGA Booster released in the Future Card Buddyfight Fanon Sets. This set includes 10 Worlds.


List of Cards

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
MBT01/0001 Prototype Support Unit, Tachyon Labrys Monster Tachyon World RRR
MBT01/0002 Chrono Maelstrom Overlord, Tachyon Dragon "Ragnarok" Monster Tachyon World RRR
MBT01/0003 Stargazing Oracle of the Dazzling Skies, Marie Monster Paradox World RRR
MBT01/0004 Eternity Timegazer, Chaos Distortion Dragon Monster Paradox World RRR
BT03/0005 Lethal Spell, Arthur Formation Spell Arthur World RRR
BT03/0006 Holy Sword, Excalibur Item Arthur World RRR
BT03/0007 Star Seeker Incarnate, Black Hole Dragon Monster Sosa World RRR
BT03/0008 Star Seeker King, Neptune Frost Emperor Monster Sosa World RRR
BT03/0009 Rebellion Ruler, Nightmare Descendant Monster Rebellion World RRR
BT03/0010 Rebellion Hero, Knight of Chaos "Unleashed" Monster Rebellion World RRR
BT03/0011 Weiss Flare Dragon Monster Seeker World RRR
BT03/0012 Dragon of the Green Flames, Breakdown Monster Seeker World RRR
BT03/0013 Oathkeeper Item Kingdom World RRR
BT03/0014 Oblivion Item Kingdom World RRR
BT03/0015 Once Fallen, Forbbiden Monster Holy World RRR
BT03/0016 Lovely Angel, Yami Sister Kaguya Monster Holy World RRR
BT03/0017 Ocean's Ruler, Neptunos Monster Aqua World RRR
BT03/0018 Ocean Kaiser, Leviathan Monster Aqua World RRR
BT03/0019 Once Fallen, Forbbiden Monster Holy World RRR
BT03/0021 Chrono Maelstrom,Tachyon Dragon Monster Tachyon World RR
BT03/0022 Support Unit 10, Tachyon Marie Monster Tachyon World RR
BT03/0023 Milky Way Whip Item Paradox World RR
MBT01/0025 First - Lancelot Monster Arthur World RR
MBT01/0026 Sacred Sword Technique, Excalibur Attack! Impact Arthur World RR
MBT01/0027 Star Seeker, Sacred Saber Item Sosa World RR
MBT01/0028 Spirit Lost to Stars, Hoshi Monster Sosa World RR
BT03/0029 Battlefield of Darkness Spell Rebellion World RR
BT03/0030 Rebellion Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Trishula Monster Rebellion World RR
BT03/0031 Impending Psychotic of the Green Flames, Kyoki Monster Seeker World RR
BT03/0032 Unknown of the Green Flames, Dex Monster Seeker World RR
BT03/0033 Partner: Auron Monster Kingdom World RR
BT03/0034 Guardian Soul Item Kingdom World RR
BT03/0035 Lovely Angel of The Fire Dragon Girl Monster Holy World RR
BT03/0036 Angel's Judgment Impact Holy World RR
BT03/0037 Tachyon Punisher Reverse!! Impact Tachyon World RR
BT03/0038 Shaman of The 7th Plain, Enzax Monster Sosa World RR
BT03/0039 Level 2 Angel From Heaven Monster Holy World RR
BT03/0040 Sister of the Green Flame, Takara Monster Seeker World RR
BT03/0041 Kunoichi, Tachyon Infiltrator Item Tachyon World RR
BT03/0042 Star Seeker Beauty, Queen Venus Monster Sosa World RR
BT03/0043 Aquatic Princess, Marie Monster Aqua World RR
MBT01/0047 Noble Android, Tachyon Knight Monster Tachyon World R
BT03/0048 Tachyon Knight ``Mariner Dolphin`` Monster Tachyon World R
BT03/0049 Tachyon Knight ``Flame Android`` Monster Tachyon World R
BT03/0050 Tachyon Knight "Power Plant" Monster Tachyon World R
BT02/0051 Tachyon Knight ``Frenzy Plant`` Monster Tachyon World R
MBT01/0052 Brilliant Stargazer, Pollux Monster Paradox World R
MBT01/0057 Arthur:Blade Protector Monster Arthur World R
MBT01/0058 Support - Marie Monster Arthur World R
MBT01/0059 Clone - Elle Monster Arthur World R
MBT01/0060 Clone - Faye Monster Arthur World R
MBT01/0061 Shield of Protection Spell Arthur World R
MBT01/0062 Star Seeker Prince, Mars Ray Drake Monster Sosa World R
MBT01/0063 Star Seeker Assassin, Mercury Force Hunter Monster Sosa World R
MBT01/0064 Star Slayer Slasher Spell Sosa World R
MBT01/0065 Traveler of the Cursed Plains Monster Sosa World R
MBT01/0066 Star Seeker Rook, Jupiter Ascension Valkyrie Monster Sosa World R
MBT01/0067 Rebellion Hero, Knight of Chaos Monster Rebellion World R
MBT01/0068 Rebellion Strike Arts, Shadow Strike Impact Rebellion World R
MBT01/0069 Rebellion Avenger, Eternal Darkness Monster Rebellion World R
MBT01/0070 Rebellion Guardian Dragon, Infinite Chaos Dragon Monster Rebellion World R
MBT01/0071 Twin Talon Blades, Blood Edge Item Rebellion World R
MBT01/0072 Witch of the Green Flames, Marie Monster Seeker World R
MBT01/0073 Blazing Demon of the Green flames, Hellfire inferno Monster Seeker World R
MBT01/0074 Demonic Beast of the Green Flame Carnival Monster Seeker World R
MBT01/0075 Knight of the Green Flames, Kaito Monster Seeker World R
MBT01/0076 Shadow of the Green Flame, Kirito Monster Seeker World R
MBT01/0077 Sister of the Green Flame, Chiyoko Monster Seeker World R
MBT01/0078 Supreme Laser! Impact Tachyon World R
MBT01/0081 Partner: Tarzan Monster Kingdom World R
MBT01/0086 Lovely Angel, Yami Sister Yuzuru Monster Holy World R
MBT01/0087 Level 1 Angel Of Heaven Monster Holy World R
MBT01/0088 Great Spell, Angel's Sunday Nights Spell Holy World R
MBT01/0089 The Holy Sword of Fire! Weapon Holy World R
MBT01/0090 Holy Dragon of The Divine Light, Zu Monster Holy World R
MBT01/0091 Ocean Dragon, Aquiladon Monster Aqua World R
MBT01/0092 Ocean Queen, Amphitrite Monster Aqua World R
MBT01/0093 Freeze!! Spell Aqua World R
MBT01/0094 Quench Spell Aqua World R
MBT01/0095 Royal Summons Spell Aqua World R
MBT01/0098 Burning Blade Item Tachyon World U
MBT01/0099 River Ring Item Tachyon World U
MBT01/0100 Tazer Gun Item Tachyon World U
MBT01/0101 Bouquet of Deadly Thorns Item Tachyon World U
MBT01/0102 Support Unit 05, Tachyon Metal Detector Monster Tachyon World U
MBT01/0103 Recallment of Armories Spell Tachyon World U
MBT01/0104 Quantum Timegazer, Magnon Monster Paradox World U
MBT01/0110 Arthur:Sorcery King Monster Arthur World U
MBT01/0111 Arthur:Techno Smith Monster Arthur World U
MBT01/0112 Clone - Reafe Monster Arthur World U
MBT01/0113 The Power of Magic Spell Arthur World U
MBT01/0114 Witch Enchantment Spell Arthur World U
MBT01/0115 Power of The Cards Spell Arthur World U
MBT01/0116 Star Seeker, The Sentinel Monster Sosa World U
MBT01/0121 Star Seeker Scimitar Item Sosa World U
MBT01/0122 Rebellion Fighter, Dark Soul Monster Rebellion World U
MBT01/0123 Rebellion Fighter, Dark Knight Monster Rebellion World U
MBT01/0124 Final Moment Spell Rebellion World U
MBT01/0125 Soul Sacrifice Spell Rebellion World U
MBT01/0126 Mirage of the Rebellion Spell Rebellion World U
MBT01/0127 Vengeful Thoughts Spell Rebellion World U
MBT01/0128 Eraser of the Green Flames, Kirito Monster Seeker World U
MBT01/0129 Frozen Angel of the Green Flames, Kite Monster Seeker World U
MBT01/0130 Guardian of the Green Flames, Ezel Monster Seeker World U
MBT01/0131 Attack of the Green Flames Spell Seeker World U
MBT01/0132 Prominence Blade Item Seeker World U
MBT01/0133 Brinicle Blade Item Seeker World U
MBT01/0135 Calling All Friends To A Date Spell Holy World U
MBT01/0138 Angelic Girl Shield Spell Holy World U
MBT01/0139 The Holy Shield Aura Spell Holy World U
MBT01/0151  Arctic Mermaid Monster Aqua World U
MBT01/0152 Katar Harpoomerang Monster Aqua World U
MBT01/0153 Douse Spell Aqua World U
MBT01/0154 Summer Rain Spell Aqua World U
MBT01/0155 Watter Doppelganger Spell Aqua World U
MBT01/0159 Support Unit 06, Tachyon Revolver Knight Monster Tachyon World C
MBT01/0160 Tachyon Backshuffle Spell Tachyon World C
MBT01/0161 Command Resequencer Spell Tachyon World C
MBT01/0162 Supportenergy Spell Tachyon World C
MBT01/0163 Tachyon Reverse/Rebirth Spell Tachyon World C
MBT01/0164 Tachyon Rebirth/Reverse Spell Tachyon World C
MBT01/0171 Command - Guinevere Monster Arthur World C
MBT01/0172 Second - Peridod Monster Arthur World C
MBT01/0173 Second - Gromer Somer Joure Monster Arthur World C
MBT01/0174 Second - Bisclavret Monster Arthur World C
MBT01/0175 Practical Problems Spell Arthur World C
MBT01/0176 Cruel Sword Item Arthur World C
MBT01/0177 Lost Sanity Spell Sosa World C
MBT01/0183 Onslaught of the Rebellion Impact Rebellion World C
MBT01/0184 Darkness Regeneration Spell Rebellion World C
MBT01/0185 Rebellion Darkness Spell Rebellion World C
MBT01/0186 Death Destiny Spell Rebellion World C
MBT01/0187 Rebellion Gift Spell Rebellion World C
BT03/0083 Rebellion Fighter, Twilight Thunder Monster Rebellion World C
BT03/0084 Nightmare Doll, Alice Monster Seeker World C
BT03/0085 Sealbreaker of the Green Flames Monster Seeker World C
BT03/0086 Demon of the Green Flames, Balefire Imp Monster Seeker World C
BT03/0087 First Seal of the Green Flames Spell Seeker World C
BT03/0088 Second Seal of the Green Flames Spell Seeker World C
BT03/0089 Third Seal of the Green Flames Spell Seeker World C
BT03/0094 The Holly baby Drake Monster Holy World C
BT03/0095 Petty Angel Monster Holy World C
MBT01/0213 Swinging Anchor Mermaid Monster Aqua World C
MBT01/0214 Stinging Coral Mermaid Monster Aqua World C
MBT01/0215 Stinging Sprite Pawn Monster Aqua World C
MBT01/0216 Torque Drillpeedo Aqua World C
MBT01/0217 Hoplite Pixie Monster Aqua World C
MBT01/0218 Ocean Dragon, Archelos Monster Aqua World C
MBT01/0219 Precise Strike Aqua World C
MBT01/0220 Siren's Song. Spell Aqua World C
MBT01/0221 Blaster Blade Monster Paladin World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
Paradox World
Sosa World
Seeker World 15 4 2 0 21
Rebellion World
Kingdom World
Arthur World 12 6 2 1 21
Tachyon World
Aqua World
Holy World
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