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Magic Violin, Shizuku
English Magic Violin, Shizuku
World Magic World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical / Defense 0 / 2 / 3000
Attribute Mystic Knight / Water / Weapon
Author SeveraZero
"Prepare yourself!" "Our music may be soft to the ears." "But it will save your heart!"
[Equip Cost] [Put up to two 《Water》 in total from your drop zone into its soul & Pay 1 gauge]
If a 《Mystic Knight》 and 《Water》 is on your center, you cannot be dealt damage by the effects of your opponent’s cards and this card can attack even if you have a monster in your center.
All 《Mystic Knight》 on your field cannot be returned to hand and their souls cannot be dropped by your opponent's card effects.
If you would call a 《Mystic Knight》 monster, the gauge cost written in its [Call Cost] is reduced by 1.


Magic Violin, Shizuku can be found in the following set:

S Extra Booster 2: Magical Fighters ~Mikuru & Mana~
(S-EB02/0027) (R)