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Future Card Buddyfight Fanon Wiki
Magical Fighters
English Magical Fighters
World Magic World / Ancient World
Card Type Spell
Attribute Witches / Prophecy
Author SeveraZero

You never were really interested in Buddyfight before, so what’s up?” “Well, I just pulled a Buddy Rare after a friend of mine got into the game.” “Well Well~ Is it that shy boy you hang out with sometimes~?” “N-No It Isn’t!” “Hahaha, I can see the blush on your face. Just stick with me and I’ll make you…A Magical Fighter!”


[Cast Cost] [Reveal a spell card in your hand and pay 1 gauge]
[Counter] Put up to one spell from your drop zone and put it into your hand. You may only cast "Magical Fighters" once per turn.


Magical Fighters can be found in the following set:

S Extra Booster 2: Magical Fighters ~Mikuru & Mana~
(S-EB02/0006) (RRR)