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Magnapyre Dark Dragon, Xion
Magnapyre Dark Dragon, Xion.png
English Magnapyre Dark Dragon, Xion
World Darkness Dragon World / Magic World
Card Type Monster
Size 4
Power / Critical / Defense 20000 / 3 / 15000
Attribute Dragon / Flare Dragon
"All those who feel my flames, shall be my servants!"
[Call Cost] Put a Size 2 Flare Dragon from your field to the Drop Zone, and pay 2 Gauge
If this monster is targeted by a Dragon World, Star Dragon World, or Darkness Dragon World monster, you gain 1 Life point
[Overkill X] Send 3 cards from your hand to the Drop Zone & Discard 3 cards from your deck & send it to the gauge. This monster gains Quintuple Attack and 2 Souls!!

[Quadruple Attack] [Soulguard]