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Malefic Time Deity Dragon, Karonte Zero
悪魔の時間神竜 カロンテゼロ
English Malefic Time Deity Dragon, Karonte Zero
Kanji 悪魔の時間神竜 カロンテゼロ
Romaji Akuma no Jikanshinryū Karonte Zero
World Regalia World
Card Type Monster
Power / Critical / Defense 20000 / 2 / 15000
Attribute Regalic / Dragod / Time Deity
Author Jesteban360

I will show you the true power of time, inferior creatures. No one can beat Time Deity Dragon! NOBODY!


[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge and put the top three cards from the top of the deck into this card's soul]
If this card is your buddy, your time and the time of all your <<Time Deity>> and <<Time Servant>> cards cannot be stopped.
When this card enters the field,put 12 banished cards from the game into this card's soul face down, if you do, draw two cards. (Those cards cannot be used to Soulguard)
"End of Time!" [Counter] At the start of your opponent attack phase, if your opponent has a <<Time Dragon>>, you can banish 12 face down cards from the soul of this monster, if you do stop the time of all cards on your opponent's field and your opponent. Your opponent cannot [Counter] this ability and you can get a extra turn during the stopped time! (The ability activating declaration of all cards whose time is stopped cannot be performed and their keyword abilities cannot be used. The fighter whose time is stopped cannot perform activating declarations for cards and abilities, during that extra turn you cannot direct attack to your opponent and cannot deal damage and the stopped time finish at the end of that extra turn.)
[Soulguard] [Double Attack]