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Mascot is an attribute seen originally in Hero World but has also been seen in Dungeon World. The Dungeon World variant was used by Keira Sawatari in Future Card Buddyfight NX before joining Abyss.


In Hero World, Mascots are used as support for the Superheroine attribute. They often search the deck for a particular card that the player can add to the hand cards.

In Dungeon World, Mascots have a very different playstyle. They focus on having a monster in the center area with many soul which can be called to the field, then sent back into the soul. The primary monsters in the deck, Challenge Accepted! Nobita and Forever Smiling! Misaki, can call two monsters from their soul at once! Challenge Accepted! Nobita can even call monsters mid-battle phase so the player can attack even more times.

Some Mascot cards also have the Folktale attribute, so they can serve as support for that attribute as well.

List of Mascot Cards (Canon)

Go here for a list of canon cards.

List of Mascot Cards (NX)

Dungeon World




Size 0
Size 1
Size 3

Dual Cards


Size 1
  • Origin of Abyss! Buster "SD" (Darkness Dragon/Dungeon)
  • Fluffy Kitten! Ellie "SD" (Dungeon/Star Dragon)
  • Partners in Crime! Wladios "SD" (Darkness Dragon/Dungeon)
  • Phantom Thief! Danzari "SD" (Dungeon/Magic)


  • Much like the Helix Dragon attribute, each of the Mascot monsters in Dungeon World is based on an animal.
    • Reggie is a cat.
    • Kai is a dog.
    • Kayla is a mouse.
    • Michelle is an otter.
    • Marie is a bear.
    • Lei is a panda.
    • Nobita is a tiger.
    • Misaki is a rabbit.
  • The Dual Card Mascots are the Buddies of the four main characters of Future Card Buddyfight NX.
  • All currently known Mascot monster cards are Size 1, besides the two Odina cards.