{{CardTable |size = 3 |type = Monster | power = 13000 |critical = 2 |defense = 10000 |world = Ancient World |attribute1 = Medium |ability = You may only call "Medium Dragon Generation Annihilation, Tri Puissance" from the soul of a card on your field once per turn. [Call Cost] [Pay 3 Gauge & Put the top 3 cards of your deck into this card's Soul.]
[Counter]Act】If this Card is in the soul of a «Medium Dragon», you can Pay 1 Gauge, if you do, [Stand] that card.
“Spirit Rush” If this Card is on the field or in the soul of cards on your field, «Medium Dragon» on your field get Power +5000 and Critical +1.
After the battle of this card, you may call a «Medium Dragon» monster from this card’s soul on top of this card by paying its [Spirit Link] cost.
[Soulguard][Penetrate][Triple Attack][Spirit Link] Pay 2 Gauge & 2 life

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