aka Mitch

  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on February 16
  • My occupation is Work
  • I am Male
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  • Hey, man.

    It's been a while. I'm unsure if I've asked you, but do you have a Discord?

    ~ Kousan (you might recall CardBoss14)

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  • Hi Billy,

    Would it be possible to use your infinity world's flag design as an idea for a t-shirt project?

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  • Your deck for the character Kyle Night, Dark Energy doesn't work with Spectral Strike. Spectral Strike only activates when a monster is destroyed by an attack. Counterattack is an ability that destroys a monster, not attack it.

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    • Wow, a fighting style. That reminds me, everyone should tell me their fighting style too. Thanks!

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    • You're welcome. Thanks for letting me change my character.

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  • Hey, Billy-- I mean Mitch.

    You're doing a great job on the light novels so far. :)

    Just wanted to message you about the new game I came up with. If the ANIM Wars RP ever finishes on a good note (good enough for you to finish the novels on a happy note), this may (or may not) go up as a new RP.

    Anyways, the rules:


    Players have a 20-30 card deck (made up of Magic, Items, and Arcanes).

    They also have two other "decks". One consists of up to four characters that they have set aside for their "party". The other is only two cards that are "Morale" cards (powerful, golden-colored cards that can only be used once per game when you reach six Ether).


    Players choose one of the four characters to be their "Leader". The other three characters are lined up next to the leader. The Leader and lineup don't strongly affect gameplay, other than some card effects.


    Players then shuffle their deck and draw four cards. One card from the top of the player's deck goes to a special area called the "Ether" zone. After deciding who goes first, the game is ready to begin.



    Each player alternates taking turns attacking and defending.

    • Draw Phase: Self-explanatory. The turn player draws a card from their deck.
    • Ether Phase: The turn player may choose to place a card from their hand into their Ether zone, or may choose to not do this at all.

    (Note: During each player's first turn, they do not get to preform the Ether Phase. When a player reaches six Ether, this phase is unable to be performed.)

    • Main Phase: The turn player may do these things, as many times as they like (unless specified):

    - Activate abilities. Each character in the turn player's party have their own unique abilities they can activate. Some abilities can only be used if the character is the Leader, while others can be used no matter where they are in the party. Each and every ability can only be used, depending on how much Ether you have.

    - Equip items. Item cards can only be played depending on how much Ether you have, and have a limited number of uses until the item "breaks" (indicated by a number next to the word, "BREAK").

    Some items have abilities, some don't. What matters is that the item increases either Attack or Defense.

    - Cast magic. Magic cards are one-time-use cards and can only be played when you reach a certain amount of Ether. They have varying effects on the battlefield. Some can only be used during the Main Phase, while others can be used during the Attack Phase.

    - Invoke Arcanes. Arcanes are a forbidden form of magic hidden deep within the world. When released, they give the enchanter special powers (and most of the time a new appearance). These cards can only be played when you reach a certain amount of Ether, and can only be in play for a limited amount of time.

    • Attack Phase: The turn player may attack the other player's party.

    -When attacking, Ether is key. The amount of Ether you have determines how many characters you can attack with (maximum of four), along with how high their attack levels will be (maximum of six).

    (E.g. If you have two Ether, you can attack with two characters, and their Attack Levels are level two.)

    After declaring who is attacking, the sum of all of your attacking member's Attack is how much you are using for the battle.

    Defending works the same way, albeit being fixed for each character. How much Ether you have determines how many characters can defend.

    -Compare Attack to Defense. If the attacking side has more Attack than the defending side's Defense, the defending side loses one Morale (the card is sent to their hand). If the defending side's Defense is equal to or more then the attacking side's Attack, the defending side wins.

    (Note: If the defending side loses the battle and they have no Morale left, the game is over.)

    • End Phase: It is the end if the turn player's turn. The other player is now the turn player and begins with the Draw Phase.
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    • Still think this game would be a good idea for an RP?

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    • Do you still think this game is a good idea?

      'Cause I have another game idea, just in case.

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  • You should come to vg chat more often

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    • Well I don't really go on the chats. I just prefer to look at new stuff. But I'll try and go on a few times.

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  • Hey, Billy.

    Just stopping by to say hi. See how you are doing. How are things?


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    • Nice! Now go and enjoy summer!

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    • I shall. :)

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  • Do you need a list of cards needed for like how many you need to put in?

    I  need to finally crack down since nothings getting done

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    • OH RIGHT! Sorry I kinda forgot...

      So I get 2 RRR, 3 RR, 7 R, 8 UC, and 8 C, right? If so, then here:

      RRR- Infinity Angel, Michael

      RRR- Infinite Dino, Xeno

      RR- Infinite Fairy, Sophia

      RR- Infinite Dino, Tyranno

      RR- Infinity Angel, Mitch

      R- Infinite Dino, Spino

      R- Infinity Angel, Keith

      R- Infinite Dino, Nodo

      R- Infinite Dino, Ankylo

      R- Infinite Fairy, Julia

      R- Scavenging

      R- Angels Restoration

      UC- Infinity Angel, Matthew

      UC- Infinity Angel, Mark

      UC- Infinity Angel, Luke

      UC- Infinity Angel, John

      UC- Infinite Dino, Tarbo

      UC- Infinite Fairy, Tabitha

      UC- Infinite Fairy, Katherine

      UC- Fairy Counter

      C- Infinite Dino, Glypto

      C- Infinite Dino, Einio

      C- Infinite Fairy, Maria

      C- Infinite Sword, Eternal Blade

      C- Infinite Sword, Forever

      C- Recovery Tactics

      C- Unyielding Tempest

      C- Armor of Immortality

      Oh also, the cards are listed in the order that I would like them to be in.

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    • Thank you~ I can get it done by the end of the day

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  • Hi, welcome to Future Card Buddyfight Fanon Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Infinite World page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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