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"Neo Nectar" (新生之花蜜(ネオ ネクタール), Neo Nekutāru (Shinsei no Hanamitsu) , Lit. Nectar of Nascent) is an attribute unique to Spirit World. It is a nature which more specifically flower-themed "clan" and their call is "Blossom Call", which allows the player to call a card that is same as the one of the cards that on the field if you pay the cost. It is similar to Holy Paladin's "Holy Paladin", but the difference is that Blossom Call only can call the same card that is on the field from the deck, but Holy Paladin allows you to call any cards you wants from the deck if you pay the cost. It is still considered to be Superior Call. The logo of the clan resembles a flower, and just like the other "Clans", the card designs are changed. For Neo Nectar cards, it is green colored, it has pink lotus at the bottom left and the right has the logo of the clan.

Notable Users

  • Clyna Asahika

List of Cards


  • Neo Nectar



  • Hell Sycthe, Igalima "G"
  • Hell Sycthe, Igalima "GX" EX-Drive
  • Hell Sycthe, Igalima "G"
  • Hell Sycthe, Igalima "GX" EX-Drive


  • KiLL JuliET
  • Twin Cutter Cinderella
  • TinkerBELL TornaDO
  • Reverse Rapunzel




  • The Slasher Jabberwock
  • Sealed Strike Pinocchio
  • Final Oppression: Neverland



  • Excluding skills and items of Igalima, all cards are originated from Vanguard Series.
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