• A constructed deck with 51 cards.
  • Includes a Rulebook, a Playmat and a Life Counter.
  • Introduces Photon World.
  • Includes a Promo Card of Photon World Flag

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
ZDT05/0001 Divine Photon Dragon Monster Photon World 2
ZDT05/0002 Radiance Blade "Parallel", Althereon Monster Photon World 4
ZDT05/0003 Virtue Savior, Chromostar Monster Photon World 2
ZDT05/0004 Heaven's Incarnate, Zero Monster Photon World 3
ZDT05/0005 Ambassador of Star Seeker, Holy Shine Paladin Monster Photon World 3
ZDT05/0006 Denizen of Crackling Light, Phosphora Monster Photon World 3
ZDT05/0007 Twin Light Slasher, Theos Monster Photon World 3
ZDT05/0008 Omniscient Sage, Gaziel Monster Photon World 2
ZDT05/0009 Chrono Reinforcer, Marie Monster Photon World 3
ZDT05/0010 Intertwining Forge of Timelines Spell Photon World 2
ZDT05/0011 Force of the Astral Embodiment Spell Photon World 3
ZDT05/0012 Photon Stream Spell Photon World 3
ZDT05/0013 Vanquishing Storm Spell Photon World 2
ZDT05/0014 Life Barrier Spell Photon World 4
ZDT05/0015 Sacred Blade, Radiance Seeker Item Photon World 4
ZDT05/0016 Righteous Blade, Hereios Item Photon World 4
ZDT05/0017 Multiverse Resonator Impact Photon World 2

Card Breakdown

Monster Spell Item Impact Flag Total
Number of Cards 9 5 2 1 1 18
Number of Copies 27 14 8 2 1 52
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