Never Say Never! Michelle
絶対とは絶対言うな! ミシェル
Sleeve English Never Say Never! Michelle
Kanji 絶対とは絶対言うな! ミシェル
Kana ぜったい と は ぜったい いう な! ミシェル
Romaji Zettai to wa Zettai iu na! Misheru!
World Dungeon World
Card Type Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense 5000 / 1 / 4000
Attribute Mascot (NX)

Let's get this party started!


[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
"Emerging to Fight!!" During your main phase, you may pay 1 life. If you do, add the top card your deck to your gauge, and call this card from the soul of a 《Mascot》 monster on your field.
After this card attacks, put this card into the soul of a 《Mascot》 monster on your field, and you gain 1 life!

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