Night Ritual, Mirage Delusion
夜の儀式 蜃気楼錯覚
English Night Ritual, Mirage Delusion
Kanji 夜の儀式 蜃気楼錯覚
Romaji Yoru no gishiki Shinkirōsakkaku
World Katana World
Card Type Spell
Attribute Night Parade
Author Jesteban360

I will not let myself hurt easily, do you understand?


You may only cast this card during an attack on your opponent's turn and you have a 《Night Parade》 on your field.
[Counter]Nullify the attack and if you have "Eternal Sixteenth Moon" in your field, applies the following effect depending on the position of that spell:
Full Moon/New Moon: You gain two life.
Waning Moon/Crescent Moon: Put the top card of your deck into your gauge and draw a card.

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