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Noboru Kodo (虎堂ノボル Kodou Noboru) is a classmate of Gao Mikado at Aibo Academy.

In Hundred, he returns, but Admiral Skull Knight, Gratos brainwashes him due to the effort of Yamigedo.

As in DDD, he was permanently become a girl in episode 12 when Samuel Nakaoka accidentally tossed his newly developed Gender-Change Pillball onto the orange juice.



He is arrogant and tempered boy. He was always get annoyed by someone (especially Samuel Nakaoka the Second) who calling him Kitten by Samuel Nakaoka or Kitten-Shirt.

After Noboru's gender changed permanently, she become Samuel Nakaoka's running gag when he grabs her melons or calling her Melitten/Nekonyu in Japanese version; she'll bite Samuel Nakaoka's head.


Before turning into a girl, this series will have two seasons and the first half third season.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

PR the Series: Sun and Moon

Before becoming a girl

After becoming a girl

Shocked about Gender-Change Pillball's permanent effect, Noboru rushes toward to Mikado house and Gao and the others became shocked at Noboru's female appearance. Samuel Nakaoka the Second noticing that Noboru's gender is permanent changed and frightened about his mistake and decide to hide his secrets without telling Noboru.


  • Noboru is only character that his gender is permanently changed.

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