Overturn Spark Feather, Phoenix
逆天の火花羽 フェニックス
English Overturn Spark Feather, Phoenix
Kanji 逆天の火花羽 フェニックス
Kana スパークフェザー フェニックス
Romaji Gyakuten no hibana hane Fenikkusu
World Zephyr World
Card Type Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense 5000 / 2 / 3000
Attribute Thunder Beast / Thunder Empire

The wings of thunder phoenix become blessed by heavenly light.


[Call Cost] [Pay 1 Gauge]
When this card is attacked, you may return this card to your hand.
[Overturn] [Pay 1 Gauge & Pay 1 Life] For this turn, all monsters on your field get size-3!

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